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Registrar transfer

A registrar transfer allows you to move your domain name to a new domain name registrar. A transfer in is when a domain name is moved to SpaceReg, you may initiate a registrar transfer in here. A transfer out is when a domain name is moved away from SpaceReg, this must be initiated by the gaining registrar. The transfer process usually also includes domain name renewal and hence incurs the costs of renewal.

Notes: A change of hosting service provider is sometimes referred to as a transfer, but this is not the same as a registrar transfer. A domain name ownership transfer is also different, however the registrar transfer process may also include ownership or contact detail changes.

Domain name registrar transfer in help

You may initiate a registrar transfer in here, the process requires the same steps as registration. In addition some registries require that you specify domain name secret, this is used to authenticate the transfer. Some registries also require that you specify the authoritative name servers to use once the transfer is complete, if you are not prompted for these then the authoritative name servers will not change during the transfer process.

The transfer process is different for each registry, however all registries will authenticate the transfer and this will usually involve:

  1. The domain name secret, if submitted, being checked against the registries records and the transfer will only proceed if it matches.
  2. A confirmation email being sent to the current administration contact for the domain. This is the contact listed in the whois database maintained by the registrar you are transferring from. This contact will have to confirm the transfer by following the instructions in the email. If the email is ignored the transfer will be cancelled after 5 days.
  3. The current registrar will then follow their own confirmation steps before finalising the transfer. This will probably involve sending another email to the current administration contact for the domain giving them the option to cancel. If this email is ignored the transfer will proceed after 5 days.

The complete process can take up to 2 weeks, once complete you will be able to login to our members area and change your domain name configuration. If the process fails you will be emailed by our staff and given a refund. Once initiated the domain name transfer status can be accessed from the view pending registrar transfers link on the login page.


Our nominet tag: SPACESURFERLTD

The only registrar whose process is significantly different from above is Nominet, they manage all .uk domains. Nominet attaches a tag to each domain, this tag denotes which registrar manages the domain. Once a transfer order has been placed, the current (or losing) registar has to be informed that they must change the nominet tag for the domain to SPACESURFERLTD. All .uk registrars are required to action such a request, sometimes it will be possible to change the nominet tag online, via the registars website. Once the losing registrar actions a change of nominet tag it will take around 24 hours for the transfer process to complete.

Important considerations

Please note the following regarding domain name registrar transfers:

  • The domain name registrar transfer procedure must be started before (ideally at least 10 days before) the expiry date of the domain name.
  • Please ensure that the current administration contact for the domain name has a working email address, the transfer procedure if this is not the case. You can check the current domain name contacts from the whois lookup page. You may have to perform a whois lookup on the current registrars own servers, a link to do this will appear at the top of the whois lookup page after your first lookup.
  • The instructions sent in the initial email must be followed before the expiry date of the domain name, ideally at least 4 days before. If these are not followed before the expiry date then the procedure may fail.

Domain name secret

The domain name secret is a code usually consisting of letters and numbers. This code is maintained by some registries and can be changed or viewed only by the registrant or one of the contacts (admin or technical) specified during the registration process. It is used to authentify changes to the domain names status (such as a registrar transfer). If you are the legitimate owner of a domain and you are asked for the domain name secret your registrar is obliged to let you know what it is.

Domain names eligible for registrar transfer in

DomainsDocumentsPrice per year
com, net, orgRegistration agreement
Dispute-Resolution Policy
30.00 USD
euWhois policy
Terms and conditions
Registration policy
30.00 USD,,,,
Nominets terms and conditions27.00 USD
bizRegistration agreement
IP Claim Service
50.00 USD,,,,,,,,,
Registration agreement
Dispute-Resolution Policy
110.00 USD
tvRegistration agreement110.00 USD
(Note 1)
usRegistration agreement110.00 USD
mobiRegistry policies150.00 USD
(min 2 years)
infoRegistration agreement110.00 USD
ccRegistration agreement75.00 USD
caRegistration agreement
General registration rules
Registrant agreement
110.00 USD
nameRegistration agreement75.00 USD
These documents are standard agreements, there are no hidden charges and no fees for domain name information updates and transfers.

Note 1: The .tv registry may refuse the registration price and ask a higher price for some high profile domains. In this case the order will be cancelled and a new offer made to the customer.

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