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Domain name registrar transfer in

Transfer your domain name to SpaceReg and benefit from our reduced prices and free services. A registrar transfer will renew your domain for a year and will cost the same as registration for a year. Please note that you must start the transfer process before (ideally 10 days before) the domain name expires to ensure the process will not fail. For more information look at our help page

Transfer domain:

Domain name transfer pricing

DomainsDocumentsPrice per year
com, net, orgRegistration agreement
Dispute-Resolution Policy
27.50 USD
euWhois policy
Terms and conditions
Registration policy
25.00 USD,,,,
Nominets terms and conditions23.00 USD
bizRegistration agreement
IP Claim Service
30.00 USD,,,,,,,,,
Registration agreement
Dispute-Resolution Policy
95.00 USD
tvRegistration agreement75.00 USD
(Note 1)
usRegistration agreement32.00 USD
mobiRegistry policies150.00 USD
(min 2 years)
infoRegistration agreement30.00 USD
ccRegistration agreement50.00 USD
caRegistration agreement
General registration rules
Registrant agreement
80.00 USD
nameRegistration agreement40.00 USD
These documents are standard agreements, there are no hidden charges and no fees for domain name information updates and transfers.

Note 1: The .tv registry may refuse the registration price and ask a higher price for some high profile domains. In this case the order will be cancelled and a new offer made to the customer.

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