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Payment options

All our online payment options are totally secure and compromising data transfers to our site are done using the most powerfull commercially available encryption. For online orders we currently offer payment via paypal or our credit/debit card payment gateway.

Our products and services are priced in American dollars (USD), but you may be charged in either American dollars (USD) or British pounds (GBP) depending on what payment option you choose. We use a fair exchange rate and do not make any money on currency conversion. Even though prices are quoted in USD on the site in many cases you can hover over the price to get a currency conversion.

Alternative payment options

If you have been issued an invoice for a service that was not automatically paid for online please contact support for additional payment options.

Note: If payment is not received within 30 days of the date the invoice was issued services may be suspended without further notice.

Taxes (VAT)

SpaceReg Ltd. is based in the United Kingdom so all orders with a billing address in the EEC are eligible for VAT. Customers in EEC countries other then the United Kindom that supply their company VAT number will not be charged VAT in accordance with EEC law.

Refund policy

SpaceReg Ltd. will refund any failed transfer/registration requests, however we will not refund any successful requests, so please check your spelling! We will also refund any web server digital certificate orders that fail, we may refund successfull digital certificate orders that were made for the incorrect domain as long as we are notified within 5 days of the certificate issue. All refunds will be made using the payment option and currency with which the order was originally paid for.

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