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Privacy policy

SpaceReg Ltd. is strongly committed to protecting the private information of our customers and we publish our privacy policy via the World Wide Web Consortium's standardised Platform for Privacy Preferences. We will not send you unwanted email messages or junk mail, and your details will not be passed to any organisation without your explicit permission. Any compromising data you send us via the internet is submitted via a secure server and is encrypted during transport across the internet. Furthermore sensitive data, such as credit card information, is stored on our machines in an encrypted fashion.

However we will use email to send you information about outstanding orders, renewals and service issues. We also have two mailing lists, one to keep you up to date about spacereg services and one to inform you of related services. You may opt out of these lists either in the privacy section of your members account or in the emails themselves.

Please note that in the process of registering for a domain name registries publish basic information relating to every domain name on the internet. This information includes the name, address and email address supplied by the domain name owner, administrative contact, technical contact and billing contact. This information is then freely available on the internet. For example, if you perform a whois query on our domain name, you will retrieve our contact details as the registrant. You may check by clicking on this link.

Email addresses are available on public whois gateways, there is a potential for misuse of this publicly available information. It is against ICANN rules to use public whois data for commercial purposes, if you have received unsolicited emails (spam) soon after registering a new domain name it is most likely that the sender has "harvested" your details from this publicly available information. In this situation we recommend that you report this behaviour via SpamCop, they will contact all the relevent ISP's on your behalf and keep your identity anonymous.

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