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This server supports the highest level of encryption and security commercially available (as of May 2002) to transfer compromising data between browser and server. Our secure server certificate is signed by Geotrust whos root certificate is embedded in the vast majority of modern browsers and is also supported by the older browsers. You may check Geotrusts seal at the bottom of this page, clicking on the seal reveals our company details, verified by Geotrust.

We do not use the secure server by default and hence the padlock on your browser may be open, when a user sends compromising information, such as a password or credit card information, this is always sent securely and hence the page loaded when the compromising information is sent will always have a locked padlock in your browser. Once a user has logged in the secure server will be used by default.

Feel free to check our certifcate information via our public secure server information gateway.

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