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Domain name renewal help

Domain names registered with SpaceReg can be renewed if their expiry date is within 11 months. The expiry dates of domains can be checked from the view/configure your domains link in the members area. Domain names elidgible for renewal can be renewed either from the view/configure your domains link or the domain renewals link in the members area. If your domains get dangerously close (2 months) to their expiry date, then a reminder email is sent once per week to the admin contact of the domain name.

If the domain name is not registered with us or you do not have the login details you may check the domain expiry date via our online whois gateway. If you are within 5 days of the renewal date and have access to the domain names administration email address you may transfer your domain to us and enjoy our low prices. A domain name transfer includes renewal.

Renewal pricing

Renewals cost the same as registrations.

DomainsRenewal price per year
Within penalty periodBefore penalty period
com, net, org30.00 USD
eu30.00 USD,,,,
27.00 USD
biz50.00 USD,,,,,,,,,
110.00 USD
tv110.00 USD
us110.00 USD
mobi150.00 USD
info110.00 USD
cc75.00 USD
ca110.00 USD
name75.00 USD
The penalty period starts 15 days before the expiry date.
Renewals on or after expiry may carry extra charges.

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