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Generate a CSR for WebLogic 5.1

Follow these instructions to generate a CSR for your web site.

  1. Start WebLogic web server. Note Port 7001 for http and Port 7002 for https (SSL).
  2. Start the "Certificate Request Generator.":
    1. Start your web-browser.
    2. Start the Certificate Generator:
  3. Enter your Distinguished Name Field information. More information on the fields is available here.
  4. Click "Generate Request". This process creates 3 files in the serverroot directory - the private key, and the certificate signing request in both binary and text formats.
  5. Copy the CSR and use it to buy your certificate online.

Make backups!

You may want to consider making bakcups of the following important files:

  1. www_domainname_com-key.der - This is the private key file
  2. www_domainname_com-request.dem - Certificate request in binary format
  3. www_domainname_com-request.pem - Certificate Request in text format

Check your certificate signing request online.
Back to help on the certification process.
Buy your certificate online.

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