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Generate a CSR for IBM HTTP Server

Follow these instructions to generate a CSR for your web site.

  1. Start the key manangement utility:
    If WinNT/2000: click start button - IBM HTTP Server - Start Key Management Utility
    If Unix: type /usr/bin/ikeyman& from command line.
  2. Select Key Database File from the main menu, select New, then CMS key database file.
  3. You will be prompted for a password.
    Warning: If you forget the password, you must purchase another certificate.
  4. Enter the location and name for the key database file.
  5. Select "Personal Certificate Request" from the pull-down list in the middle of the application window.
  6. Select New. You should choose 2048 for the key size.
  7. Select the stash option to save the password in a .sth file
  8. Enter your Distinguished Name Field information. More information on the fields is available here.
  9. Specify the name and location for the request file (CSR).
  10. Copy the CSR and use it to buy your certificate online.

Check your certificate signing request online.
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