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Generate a CSR for IBM Domino Go and higher

Follow these instructions to generate a CSR for your web site.

  1. Start the MKKF utility by typing mkkf at the command prompt. The system displays a menu page.
    Note: The MKKF utility places the keyring file in the current directory unless otherwise specified.
  2. Select N to create a new key ring file, default file name is keyfile.kyr.
    After you type in a key ring file name, the next menu screen will come up.
  3. Select W to work with keys and certificates.
  4. Select C to create a new key and certificate request. Type a password when prompted.
    Warning: If you lose the password, you must purchase another certificate.
  5. Select P to choose PKCS#10 certificate request format at the next menu.
  6. Select M to modify the certificate request fields at the next menu.
  7. Enter your Distinguished Name Field information. More information on the fields is available here.
  8. Select R to create the key and certificate reques.
  9. After the key and certificate request are created, select X to exit from MKKF utility. Save the changes to the key-ring file.
  10. Copy the CSR and use it to buy your certificate online.

Check your certificate signing request online.
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