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Help on email SSL

Mail user agents (MUA) or email browsers (such as Thunderbird and Outlook) use a set of protocols to communicate with the email server and read, send email. To read email usually either POP3 or IMAP is used, to send email SMTP is used. None of these protocols are encrypted, however many mail user agents now support SSL over IMAP, POP3 and SMTP, this encrypts data transferred to the email server.

Why SpaceReg does not support email SSL

SpaceReg does not support email over SSL for a number of readons:

  • Email servers transport email between each other using SMTP only. This means that email will be sent over the internet un-encrypted even if you select the SSL option in your mail user agent.
  • Email content is not encrypted by default, this means the email servers and mail user agents store email un-encrypted.

Standards exist to overcome all these issues, one open standard is pretty good privacy (PGP). Users serious about their privacy should use PGP. There are plenty of implementations of this standard, including Enigmail for Thunderbird, this is what we recommend.

What is TLS

Transport layer security (TLS) is the successor to secure socket layer (SSL), since it only extends SSL a lot of online literature uses the SSL ancronym when really referring to TLS.

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